Shocking footage shows man threatening to 'beat the gay' out of a gay man

The victim was inside McDonald's in Barcelona after celebrating Gay Pride


Words: Steve Brown

Shocking footage shows the moment a man threatened to ‘beat the gay out of’ a man because of his tight shorts.

While in a McDonald’s branch after celebrating Pride in Barcelona back in June, Twitter user @paleo_20 posted a shocking video on social media showing the moment a heterosexual man threatening to attack him because he was offended by his outfit.

In the footage, the man is told: “I am going to beat you until you become heterosexual.”

The victim told security guards that he does not ‘need to tolerate a guy telling me how to dress’. But the aggressor replied: “I am telling you to be discreet, you are in a public place. I don’t care if you are queer.”

After pointing out that it is Gay Pride Day, the attacker replied: “I don’t care what day it is, it is also a good day to punch you. Do you want to see?

“I am going to beat you till you become heterosexual. When you go out, I am going to hit you so hard your queerness will disappear.”

Police soon arrived but the victim reportedly did not want to press charges.