Shoot to thrill with Spermomax



When it comes to a tumble between the sheets, we all like to think of ourselves as carnal animals with an unrivalled sexual prowess and a Casanovian reputation.

But sometimes, despite enthusiasm to rival that of gay men when Britney drops a new album, we don’t always quite manage to deliver the goods.

Maybe it’s because our enthusiasm for the act itself isn’t quite shared, ahem, firmly down below, or maybe your orgasm underwhelms both visibly and otherwise.

Whatever the issue, Spermomax can help. Taken as a daily supplement, the pills contain a blend of herbs and aphrodisiacs that have been used in ancient Asian and South American medicines to support libido, sexual stimulation and virility.

Unlike prescription medicines, the ingredients in Spermomax are completely natural, with no known side effects.

Capsules are made up of extracts of maca, curculigo, dodder seed, tribulus terrestris, saw palmetto, zinc, piperine and amino acids L-Lysine and L-Arginine.

Men who take two of the fast-acting capsules daily can expect to experience firmer erections, more intense orgasms and an increase in the volume of ejaculation (by up to 500 per cent), so you can see as well as feel the results.

Additionally, some users report an increased size in their manhood, due to Spermomax’s ingredients aiding penile blood flow, and better orgasm control for longer, more-satisfying sessions.

And if it sounds too good to be true, you can try Spermomax for a week (14 capsules) for free — just pay for p&p (securely via PayPal) and you could be putting on your own Bellagio fountains performance in the bedroom!

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