Slag Wars: Meet the LGBTQ+ stars competing in Men.com's first SFW reality TV show

Excl: The brainchild of Sophie Anderson and Rebecca More - co-judged by Matthew Camp! - drops this month


Words: Jamie Tabberer

Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, you would have been hard pressed to find LGBTQ+s on reality TV - let alone hear them be open about their sexual preferences, desires and lives.

But times have changed. And with the arrival of a new mainstream show produced by Men.com - populated entirely by LGBTQs, and which, crucially, can be watched via the safe for work landing page SlagWars.com - they're about to change again.

And we're here for it.

"We’re reclaiming the word ‘slag’ to celebrate sex-positivity"

With a name as ridiculously silly and fun as Slag Wars: The Next Destroyer, you may be unsurprised to hear who's behind the free-to-watch show: namely, veteran porn stars Sophie Anderson and Rebecca More [below].

Glamourous, impossibly charismatic and long-time champions of queer-inclusive values, the pair are, in a lot of people's eyes, true gay icons.

(A side note on the name of the show: More has previously explained that "we’re reclaiming the word ‘slag’ to celebrate sex-positivity".)

Featuring OnlyFans sensation (and former Attitude cover star) Matthew Camp [above] as co-judge, the show will see seven aspiring stars compete to be the next 'Destroyer' - a term coined by Anderson and Camp in the 00s to mean... well, many things. But among them: a sex symbol, and a shining example of sexual acceptance and confidence.

Ahead of the show's release on 27 November on Men.com and SlagWars.com (the latter is free of any adult content links) Attitude meets the diverse cast of sex workers, performers and models of season one...


"Hey, I’m Kevin! Even though I come from a small town in Scotland, I have a big city personality and the body to match. I love music and pop culture. I learned everything I know about being a boss slag from divas like Nicki, Paris Hilton, Gaga, and of course…The Destroyers! Trust me, you’re gonna be my biggest fan..."


"I’m Cameron and my mum says I’m a sex symbol. Just kidding, my mum doesn’t talk to me. One of the first things people notice about me is my ass. To be honest, I am just happy to be noticed at all. Why am I the next sex symbol you ask? 'I don’t know,' I whisper..."


"As you know I’m Levi Jed Murphy. I believe that sexiness comes from doing what makes you happy. So even though people say I look fake on the outside, I’m here to show you, I’m just as fake on the inside."


"It’s Tyreece, your non-conforming beauty and creature of nightlife. With spins, dips, and kicks I’m your dancing diva of season one. The melanin is glowing and ready to shine! Your perfect daydream is a reality, now get ready to gag in all the right ways!"


"Brains and Body? Sounds like the perfect combo for a queer icon. I’m Cain from London, and after years of producing flashy nightlife events, I’m ready for my own moment in the spotlight. I’m an activist, artist, and an absolute slag. Welcome to the world according to Cain."


"I’m Nicky and I’m not always a bitch... Joke, go f*** yourself. I’m a proud transwoman with a mouth as big as my 'talent' - and trust me, I have a huge talent. I’ve performed on stages all of the world, so I’m ready to give you a show. I’m a queer icon because I always get what I want, and what’s more iconic than that?"


"I’m your favourite snack. Latin spice with an international flavour. My name’s Gustavo Ernesto Escobedo Mendoza, but you can just call me Gustavo. If you think my name is a lot to handle, wait until you see the rest of me. To all my Mexicans shawties out there: Si tienes hambre, this Mexican guy está listo para que te la comas TODA!"

Slag Wars will be available to stream via Men.com and SlagWars.com from 27 November.

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