Southampton couple repeatedly 'kicked in the head' during homophobic attack

Jamie Edwards and his partner Damian Hampton suffered multiple bruising and cuts


Words: Steve Brown

A couple from Southampton were repeatedly ‘kicked in the head’ during a homophobic attack.

Jamie Edwards and his partner Damian Hampton were leaving a shop together earlier this month when they were followed by a group of teenagers who started hurling homophobic abuse towards them.

According to the Southern Daily Echo, the confrontation escalated and the couple were attacked for four minutes and were repeatedly punched and kicked.

Edwards said: “It happened so fast, within seconds they had caught up and punched Damian in the face.

“They ripped my clothes and wouldn’t stop kicking us while we were on the ground.

“We had never even seen or spoke to them before, it was a totally unprovoked and unexpected attack.

“It’s more of a pride thing, I had to watch my boyfriend being booted on the floor and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.”

The couple suffered multiple bruising on their legs, arms and ribs and had cuts and grazes on their hands.

Hampshire Police are investigating the incident and Edwards posted to Facebook that they have received CCTV.