SP: Enjoy a cup of Tom of Finland coffee in the morning

Robert Paulig Roastery has announced the United Kingdom release of an exclusive collection of coffee paying tribute to one of Finland’s most renowned cultural icons, and world’s influential artists, Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920-1991). Caffeinated patrons of the erotic arts can now find this unique coffee collection on Amazon. Developed in partnership with Tom of Finland Foundation, the line is comprised of two selections, ground or whole coffee beans, each packaged and available in four different packaging designs featuring drawings by the artist. Dubbed “BUILT BOLD” and “HEAVY DUTY”, the coffee’s dark roast flavour is representative of the allure of TOM’s Men; unapologetic, self-aware and boastfully proud. With an intriguing blend of Arabica beans, the taste is dominated by Mexican flavors, mixed with Brazilian and Colombian notes and nuanced with an intriguing nutty tone. All Robert Paulig Roastery coffees are slow roasted in small batches, for enhanced body and taste. The line is a continuation of the unprecedented shift in perceptions of the visual iconographies that shape our domestic lives. Coffee, a product that has inherently been marketed to appeal to the nuclear family, has now found a place to manifest universal respect, tolerance and equal rights. The Tom of Finland coffee is available on Amazon.co.uk in several beautifully crafted arrangements each priced accessibly at £34.95. Customers can choose from two Tom of Finland design tins each packed with two 250g bags of whole bean or ground coffee. Or, they can select a 4-pack of 250g bags of whole bean or ground coffee, each package paying homage to an iconic Tom of Finland figure. These Art Roast coffees are a staple for every liberated household.