Sporting Heroes Month: Chris Mears

TOP-BANNER Presented in association with MaxiNutrition. This is it - our final athlete for Sporting Heroes Month! Stay tuned tomorrow when we'll bring you a round-up of your favourite sports stars from the past month. In the meantime, we've saved one of the best til last - here's diving champ (and friend of Attitude - he's graced our pages on more than one occasion) Chris Mears... BzDcUpVIMAAhzxD Top Sporting Achievement: Won gold in the 2014 Commonwealth Games for the 3m Synchronized Springboard. Better Half: Chris has a girlfriend but lives with his diving partner Jack Laugher. Best Attribute: Like most divers, his entire body. Sporting Quote: “I know that I have it in me, it’s just a matter of going out there and doing it.” Special Weapon: Chris is notorious for his 3m springboard in both synchronized and single. Style: Chris has a very street-smart look, but has taken part in many swimwear fashion shoots for a number of brands and magazines. Training Tip: Chris looks back on hard experiences during training and uses them as motivators: “No matter how low I feel in training, I know that I’ve been lower.” c79ec75c89d911e396e612465fd22ea2_7_zpsdf7e0bea In The Game: Chris is a Reading-born diver for England. Wins: Gold – 2010 British Championship: 3m synchronised. Gold – 2011 British Championship: 3m synchronised. Gold – 2012 British Championship: 3m synchronised. Gold – 2014 Glasgow Commonwealh Games: synchronised 3m springboard. Attitude: Following a ruptured spleen injury that left him with a 5% chance of survival and being told he’s never dive again, Chris is still competing. Now that is determination! Mears