Sporting Heroes Month: James Haskell

TOP-BANNER In association with MaxiNutrition All this month we're bringing you our top 25 sporting heroes of 2015. Today it's the turn of human tank, former Attitude cover star and potential son-in-law of actual Richard and Judy, James Haskell, aka the London Wasps and England ruby star. james 2
Top Sporting Achievement: At 30 years old, James has already won a 58 Caps for  the England international rugby team, and is currently captain of the London Wasps. Better Half: He is currently in a relationship with daughter of daytime TV gods Richard and Judy, Chloe Madeley. Best Attribute: James is serving what we like to call a total body experience: standing at 6ft 4ins and weighing-in at 18 stone, that’s a lot of muscle. Sporting Quote: James's work ethic extends off the pitch: “We're not like footballers. When I stop playing rugby I'll need another job.” Special Weapon: He's a big fan of mixed martial arts, and tends to focus on Jiu-Jitsu as he believes it’s great for footwork and placement. james haskell Style: With a very relaxed laid back sense of style, he's usually seen in a fitted t-shirt and denim jeans... though often less. Training Tip: James is a fitness junkie, and even has his own fitness company where he devises diet and exercise plans for clients - that'll be that post-rugby job he was on about sorted then. In The Game: He's a flanker, responsible for attacking the ball in scrums, rucks and mauls, and generally getting bloodied-up a fair bit. Wins: 58 caps for England and a combined 139 for London Wasps during his two stints with the team. Attitude: Check (Issue 233, July 2013 to be exact). Oh that's not what you meant? Okay then: “All I can control is my own performance, my work ethic and my dedication is still right up there”. More stories: Sporting Heroes Month: Ben Foden Sporting Heroes Month: Louis Smith