Sporting Heroes Month: Jonnie Peacock

TOP-BANNER Presented in association with MaxiNutrition.   Today in Sporting Heroes Month, we're celebrating winning Paralympian, total cutie and former Attitude cover star, Jonnie Peacock. Take a look... 226 COV (med) Top Sporting Achievement: Winning gold at the 2012 Summer Paralympics, obviously! Better Half: Girlfriend Sally Brown is also a sprinter who represented Great Britain in the 100 and 200m during the London Paralympics. Best Attribute: The muscular body and the strong, determined personality. Sporting Quote: “I’ve always been a sports man, even as a kid. Losing my leg didn’t really stop me, I still wanted to go out and play football all the time. My mum always gives a great little line, that it was always more painful to sit back on the side-lines than it was to get involved.” Special Weapon: Jonnie’s mother! Together, the pair have battled tirelessly to promote equality and inclusiveness for the disabled. Style: When he’s not wearing his running vest (which is rare), Jonnie can be seen looking good in suits. He's not always quite so stylish though...  Training Tip: “I think you can turn too much into a robot, it can almost get too serious at some point, it needs to be serious but you can get a bit too wrapped up in it.” In The Game: Jonnie is determined to win and spread equality for the disabled. jonnie-peacock_2331604b Wins: 2012: Gold at the Paralympic Games (London – 100 m T44) 2013: Gold at the IPC World Championships (Lyon – 100 m T44) 2014: Gold at the IPC European Championships (Swansea – 100 m T44) Attitude: An amputee from the age of five, Jonnie is strong-willed and determined to make life better for other people dealing with disabilities - not just here in the UK, but around the world: “We’ve conquered Britain, we just need to conquer the rest of the world now.”