Sporting Heroes Month: Robbie Rogers

TOP-BANNER In association with MaxiNutrition All through May, we're bringing you all you need to know on the world's premier sporting heroes. Today, we take a closer look at gay footballer, former Attitude cover star and all-round cutie Robbie Rogers...   Robbie Rogers Top Sporting Achievement: Some would say it's winning the coveted Major League Soccer Cup with LA Galaxy last year, but for us, Robbie's legacy will be for helping to break down barriers for gay footballers around the world after his brave decision to come out in 2013. Better Half: In 2014 Robbie was linked to television producer Greg Berlanti but it appears the pair have now spilt… guess he's is back on the market! Best Attribute: His face! From his jawline to his captivating blue eyes… Sporting Quote: "Guys on your team are your best friends; your brothers. You know you battle these games, you work hard and train. If you're not the same as them, you're an outcast." Special Weapon: His courage! Robbie became the second professional footballer to come out in the UK after Justin Fashanu, in 2013 he became the first openly gay man to play in one of the 'Big four' North American sports league. robbie 2 Style: The all-American boy-next-door has also been influence by British street style from his time in Leeds. He can often be spotted in Harrington Jackets teamed up with a casual shirt and fitted jeans. Training Tip: To keep his body in tip top shape Robbie likes to do a combination of yoga, boot camp and cardio/interval training. In the Game: Robbie plays wing, mid-field and full-back defence, and has been praised for his crossing ability as well as the ability to get the ball in a one-on-one encounter (always useful). Wins: 2014 Major League Soccer Cup with LA Galaxy. Attitude: Coming out has only increased Robbie's appreciation of life, love and the game: “I’m such a different person…I can’t explain it. It’s been a difficult, but amazing journey.” More stories: Robbie Rogers interview: 'I want Chris Pratt to play me in new sitcom' Robbie Rogers: 'I've heard from gay sportsmen but not one footballer'