Statements in response to Juno Dawson story on gay and trans identification

There have been a variety of strong opinions voiced online in response to an Attitude story titled “A lot of gay men are gay men as a consolation prize because they couldn’t be women”, says trans author Juno Dawson. Both Juno Dawson and Attitude editor-in-chief have released statements in response to the attention the story has received: STATEMENT FROM JUNO DAWSON "Attitude interviewed me about my own experiences as a trans woman who once identified as a gay man. Lots of trans men and women previously lived as gay men or lesbians prior to transition so I think it's a really important thing to discuss in Attitude. Our experiences of gender and sexuality are unique and equally valid. Clearly I am not - and would never - suggest that ALL gay men are trans. That would be crazy. "Some discourse around this article has been both transphobic and misogynist. I believe the LGBTQ+ community is stronger as a whole and the article was not intended to be divisive." STATEMENT FROM MATT CAIN "As an effeminate child and the victim of school bullies, I was called a girl years before I was called gay. Since reaching adulthood I've always been comfortable identifying as a gay man but have often been intrigued by the stories of trans women like Juno Dawson who once believed themselves to be gay. When I heard about the subject of Juno's new book I thought this would be a fascinating area to discuss in Attitude - and one that would appeal to our readers. There is no reason for anyone to be offended by the discussion unless they consider being trans a slur or being a woman an insult. On the contrary, I hope the piece will increase understanding of certain aspects of the trans experience - and help those in our community who may be struggling with their gender."