Steve Brookstein compares Olly Murs 'X Factor' gaffe to HIV diagnosis

Former X Factor winner and tragic controversy-baiter Steve Brookstein has rile dup the public once again, after comparing Olly Murs' highly publicised slip-up on The X Factor results show last night to a doctor stumbling over an HIV diagnosis. steveolly The 47-year-old, who won the first series of the ITV singing competition back in 2004, made the 'joke' after Murs accidentally revealed that contestant Monica Michaels had received the lowest amount of public votes before the results of 'Deadlock' were announced. https://twitter.com/DanielRyan11/status/666000226193379329 Following the awkward gaffe, Brookstein tweeted: "Dr Murs, "Sorry you have HIV, actually no, sorry I'm wrong. You haven't. My mistake. Hold on, yes, sorry you have HIV. Sorry". https://twitter.com/stevebrookstein/status/666000246342860800 Followers were quick to brand Brookstein "heartless" for the "poor taste joke", but the washed-up reality star remained unapologetic. https://twitter.com/stevebrookstein/status/666006075418779648 https://twitter.com/stevebrookstein/status/666006587912400896 After tweeting that people who found his comment offensive were "fucking stupid", the he repeated the joke with the word 'HIV' replaced with 'diabetes' and 'genital warts', before pointing out that the latter conditions didn't attract the same outrage. https://twitter.com/stevebrookstein/status/666183473531633664 "Touchy", he added. More stories: Couple viciously attacked by six men as they leave French gay club Watch | Madonna gives emotional Paris speech during Rebel Heart Tour