Steve Grand signs up to star in TV sequel to gay indie film Boy Culture

There's a sequel to Boy Culture in the works. Realesed back in 2006, the movie was a  film adaptation of Matthew Rettenmund's 1995 novel of the same name. Boy Culture: The Series, will pick up 10 years after the action in the indie film, and is being made by the team behind the original. One of the most memorable LGBT+ films of the 2000s, it remains a cult favourite with old and new fans alike. The new project will explore how being gay has changed in the past decade, and what new struggles we face when dating.
Directed by Q. Allan Brocka; with a script by Brocka and Boy Culture novelist/blogger Matthew Rettenmund, and with production by Stephen Israel and Philip Pierce, the sequel will explore themes of sexuality, sex work, age, race, closeted celebrities, cosplay, PrEP, and how gay men can make a committed relationship work in a world where sex — just like your favorite show to binge-watch — is available on demand.
Singer Steve Grand, who appeared on Attitude's Bachelors of the Year list, will make his acting debut in the upcoming series. But before filming can go ahead, the team behind the project need your help. They've created a Kickstarter and hope to raise $50,000 to cover the costs of creating the series. "Our budget will allow us to hire actors and crew, shoot in appropriate locations and produce a polished series that will function as a stand-alone project, a slick pitch for a regular TV series and possibly even an episodic feature film of 90 minutes." You can check out their Kickstarter here.