'Stop your gay agenda' - Vandals write homophobic comments over rainbow mural in Texas

The wall was created to show the LGBT community that they are not alone


Words: Steve Brown

Vandals wrote homophobic comments over a rainbow mural in Texas.

On Friday night (November 23), vandals wrote on the mural – which was created by Hugo Perez as part of the Be Visible Pride Wall campaign – ‘stop your gay agenda please’ and also spray painted a giant ‘X’ across the pro-LGBT wall.

Eric Schell, creator and photographer of Pride Portraits, told Gay Star News: “This type of vandalism brings me right back to the Pulse shooting and the realisation that people want our community silenced – if not dead – for simply existing.

“Being visible in our community puts a target on our backs, but visibility is imperative to our right to exist in society.

“This is why Pride Portraits was created and this wall was painted as an extension of the Pride Portraits Campaign.

“There is no ‘gay agenda’. We are not asking for extra rights [and] we are not asking that you have less rights.

“We are seeking equality.”

Perez previously said that the wall is to remind LGBT that they are not alone.

He said: “It’s so important that we do not forget that transgender women of colour were integral in the gay liberation movement.

“More often than not, these communities are relegated to the margins of society.

“The final design of the mural aims to highlight and celebrate each letter of the LGBTQIA spectrum.”