Straight doctor's pro-gay license plate rejected for being too 'sexual'

A US doctor has had his application for a pro-gay personalised license plate rejected after being told it was too "sexual". Oklahoma City resident John Patrick Keefe II is seeking legal action after the state turned down his request for a personalised plate reading 'LGBTALY', which he wanted on his vehicle as a message of support to the gay community, reports license plate “They turned that down saying that it was sexual in nature and I thought that that was pretty unfair,” said Dr Keefe. “When I am driving around with license plate that says LGBT ally, it shows to other people, 'Look, I am here for my fellow Oklahomans.' “I have a lot of [gay] friends and even my sister Kimberly is gay,” he added. The married father of two says he has sought legal advice and is planning on fighting the decision by the Oklahoma Tax Commision. “Socially and politically, the landscape is different now and people's attitudes are different,” said his attorney, Charles L. Broadway, adding that "LGBT" is a widely accepted and not otherwise contentious term. license plate 2 KOCO 5 reached out to the Oklahoma Tax Commission spokesperson Paula Ross said the department cannot comment on specific cases due to privacy laws, but asked if the department would allow the term “LGBT” on a license plate, she confirmed that it is not on their list of banned words or phrases. A hearing is expected to take place later this summer. “Even if it reaches just one person, the impact has been made,” Dr Keefe added. You can watch the full video report for yourself over here. More stories: In pics: Rugby team strips off to help end domestic violence British singer Lil' Chris dies, aged 24