Straight guys kiss another man for the first time - WATCH

What can kissing another guy teach you about your own sexuality? Three straight guys set out to find out with a little social experiment, which was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday (September 4). In the video, each guy is paired off with a gay guy for a kiss, and asked to give their reactions afterwards. Unsurprisingly (unless you're one of those people who thinks you can catch the 'gay'), each guy felt exactly the same about their heterosexuality afterwards. One even commented that his kissing partner was better than a couple of exes! Another commented that a straight guy should kiss another man at least once, to "really know your sexuality". Although three out of four kissers said they wouldn't try it again. Well, as one of the kissers in the video says: "You can't knock it until you've tried it." More stories: Pokémon Go gets its own X-rated gay porn parody The world’s hottest maths teacher Pietro Boselli makes the cover of Men’s Health SpainMore stories: