'Stripped' is the new naked reality series on US TV screens - WATCH

We've already got Naked Attraction in the UK, but Americans have decided to take the concept of revealing reality television to an entirely new level. US cable broadcaster Bravo has announced its latest show, Stripped, which will feature members of the public living for 21 days without any belongings - including the clothes on their back. Participants will only have access to toilet paper, water and food rations provided during their three weeks on the show. During this time, they still have to go about their daily lives, which includes showing up to work and hanging out with friends and colleagues. However, at the start of each day, they're able to get one item they absolutely cannot live without from a storage container holding their belongings half-a-mile away from their home - but they have to make their way there naked. Bizarrely, there's not even a prize if someone manages to make it to the end of the 21 days. Adam Zeller, vice-president of social media for Bravo and sister network Oxygen, explained:  “It’s a thought-provoking, humorous journey that makes people more aware.” In a bid to promote the show, Bravo sent hundreds of half-naked male models off to entertain the crowds during a particularly rainy day at SXSW earlier this month. Stripped will launch in the US over the summer, but sadly there's currently no announcement regarding a UK air date. More stories: Clean Bandit’s new music video features a tragic gay love story – WATCH ‘Gay men won’t be truly free until we learn to ditch labels like masc and femme’