Super Bowl ad features cute same-sex dance routine between NFL stars - WATCH

The ad has been praised for challenging male stereotypes.


A Super Bowl ad featuring a same-sex dance routine has gone viral. 

The ad, which aired during the Super Bowl last Sunday (February 5), features NFL New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and receiver Odell Beckham Jr taking part in a dance routine. 

Entitled 'Touchdown Celebrations To Come', the clip sees the pair re-enact the iconic routine from Dirty Dancing, originally performed by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. 

The pair follow the dance routine perfectly before the ad ends with Manning lifting Backham Jr into the air, mimicking the iconic lift from the film. Fellow teammates also act as backup dancers during the clip.


At one point in the ad, the team's coach attempts to break the routine up but Landon Collins tells him to "let them dance." 

According to Ad Week, the campaign offers a look behind the scenes at one of the 30 NFL squads that didn't make the Super Bowl this year.  

NFL's CMO Dawn Hudson told the publication: "Celebrations were a highlight of this season, and we had so many breakout moments where players showed their creativity together. 

"We wanted to keep that fun going for the Superbowl and give our fans something to smile and laugh at that was just about football and how awesome it is to be part of a team." 

Watch the ad below: