'Survival of the Fittest' star Ryan Cleary on fighting male bisexual stigma

The reality star opens up in our new Summer issue.


After coming out as bisexual on reality dating show Survival of the Fittest earlier this year, Ryan Cleary was flood with messages of support.

Now, as the 27-year-old jeweller from Manchester poses for a stunning new shoot in our Summer issue - available to download and in shops now, he admits he hopes his rare position as a bi guy in the public eye can help break down the stigma which still srrounds male bisexuality.

"When I was younger I’d have loved to have heard someone on TV say they were bisexual and it not be an issue. I don’t think that’s shown on TV often," Ryan says.

"It is still rare and it is something that you shouldn’t have to say or make known on TV, but I wanted to use that platform in a way that would help people if they were ever in that situation where they feel that they can’t express who they are to whoever they want and feel comfortable with it.

Ryan on ITV2's Survival of the Fittest

"I feel that some people hold back when they are bi and by holding back from those people who they are closest to, those people assume that you are straight."

Ryan, whose shoot for Attitude took place at KOBOX Boxing Club, the London studio which has just launched its own PROUD campaign to help tackle homophobia in boxing, adds that the media's treatment of bisexual men compared to bisexual women remains "totally unfair".

"You see [female bisexuality] in music videos and hip hop culture where girls are flirting with or kissing other girls and it’s looked at as cool but you would never see that with guys", he explains.

Ryan Creary, shot exclusively by Markus Bideux for Attitude's Summer issue

"There’s such a broad spectrum within the LGBT+ community and then within bi and gay men, of masculinity and femininity. I feel they see only a certain way of what they perceive gay and bi men to be.

"It’s not fair because there are so many different types of people. A lot of people who are bisexual are not open about it because it’s easy not to be if you are going more toward the heterosexual side of that bisexuality.

"If you’re in a relationship with a woman but you’re bi, people are just going to assume you’re straight."

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