Survival of the Fittest's Ryan Cleary comes out on the ITV2 series

The 27-year-old decided it was time to come clean to his co-stars


One of the stars of ITV2's Survival of the Fittest came out last night (Feb 14). 

Ryan Cleary, a 27-year-old jeweller from Manchester who's quickly become a favourite with viewers at home, opened up to his co-stars about his sexuality. 

With Ryan and fellow campmate James vying for the attention of Georgie on the show, Ryan decided now was the time to be completely honest. 

During a conversation last night, Georgie asked Ryan: "Are we your two favourite girls?" 


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He replied: "I wasn't sure if I fancied you or if you just reminded me of one of my friends. I think I got it a little twisted because I didn't make [it] clear...

"I like girls and guys… So I've got a girl mate who has got qualities of you. I think you're a great girl."

Ryan also made sure he took the time to open up to his fellow guys in The Lodge too as they've all become close over the past week. 

After he explained that he likes both guys and girls, David gave him a big hug and said: "Mate, don't worry, you're our f***ing bro now."

Callum later told viewers in confessional: "I felt honoured that Ryan felt he could tell us because he feels so comfortable with us."

James also added: "Ryan has put us in a circle of trust".