Swagy: Challenging the way gay dating apps should be

In partnership with Swagy.


Despite the plethora of gay dating apps available on the market today, there are still gay men who feel sidelined by the way these apps are designed.

Swagy is a gay dating app that has been designed to be more inclusive, allowing all users to enjoy the fun and benefits of dating. Dating it about more than just about looks – and Swagy are levelling the playing field.

Getting the right date

Swagy’s flexibility reduces the pressure that LGBTQ people might encounter as they look for love, increasing the number of interactions members have to give them the widest selection of matches possible to choose from.

In our research, we uncovered a ‘Mr. Right Syndrome’ that is created when using the ‘rating’ or ‘like’ embedded in the design of many gay dating apps. Swagy is keen to eliminate any feeling of inadequacy or insecurity to make the users feel at home, help them date, and eventually help them find their Mr Right.

An App that has focus

CEO Kurt states that the aim of Swagy’s team of designers is to increased the efficiency of matches, maximizing how well users know one another before embarking on their future together.

More importantly, Swagy is determined to break down barriers created by other apps by allowing users to date in a secure and open platform. Swagy version 2.0 display features enables users to chat and get to know one another before meeting when they feel they’re ready to do so. Swagy’s interface is easy to use but offers more features that allow gay men to get more out of dating on social networks.

With the LGBTQ community continuing to face persecution in some regions of the world, Swagy is determined to provide an online home where people can date, socialise, and maybe find their soulmate… 

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