Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras bans glitter in a bid to protect the environment

Glitter is found in the oceans, fish and in crab shells and oysters


Words: Steve Brown

Sydney Mardi Gras has banned glitter from its Pride Parade in a bid to protect the environment.

Glitter seems to be a staple part of most Pride celebrations around the world and it’s easy to forget what environmental impact the microplastic can cause especially since it can be digested by animals.

Now, as part of a push for a carbon-neutral country, the word-famous Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras will phase out glitter, balloons and water bottles.

Chief executive of the Mardi Gras, Terese Casu, told the Sydney Morning Herald: “We used to bring in about three tonnes of glitter from China.

“That goes in the gutter, it ends up in our oceans, our fish eat it, you find it in crab shells and oysters.

“We must be responsible and make really urgent changes.”

Liz Carter, production manager, has reportedly been helping parade floats shine and be as glamorous as ever without using glitter.

Carter said: “There are cleverer ways of achieving something that sparkles and shines without the glitter.

“I do secretly quite like glitter, but you have to think about the environment. Every festival has a carbon footprint, and everyone has to think about that.”

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras kicked off over the weekend and is set to run celebrations up until March 3.

The parade will be held on March 2.