Symone ru-veals how her iconic red nail look for RPDR finale relates to her Polaroid dress

"It's reminiscent of my entrance look."


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: WoW

Symone has discussed how she came up with her show-stopping red nail look for the Drag Race finale over the weekend.

The queen snatched the crown from Gottmik, Rosé, and Kandy Muse after rocking a wide range of show-stopping looks throughout the episode.

One of the most memorable, however, was the first of the night: a red-themed ensemble seemingly entirely comprised of long, red acrylic nails - including on her toes.

"We did it a different way"

Speaking yesterday to EW, Symone said "it was actually really easy" to walk in the toenails, adding that the look was in part inspired by her first-ever outfit on the show - a polaroid photo dress of interconnected pictures of herself [below].

Symone said: "At first there was a different silhouette, but I just wanted to be sexy, fun, and flirty. It's reminiscent of my entrance look, but we did it a different way, a different slinky dress, if you will. We did my hands and my hair. Red is sexy, fun, flirty, it's hot, so I wanted to lean into that and show that side of me."

Symone's other looks on the night included a Timberland boot-inspired two-piece and a huge ballgown featuring bandanas.

Asked what she wants fans to take from her victory following Derek Chauvin's conviction last week for the murder of George Floyd last year, Symone said: "I want people to know that there's hope. I want people to know that there's still life. It's so easy to get bogged down in another death, another murder, another atrocity, but I want people to understand that there are still people who are fighting, people who see what's going on and are trying to uplift. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel. That's what my crowning represents."

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