Table for Two | 'He said I was a lot nicer than I came across on Twitter'

Santi (left) Age: 28 Occupation: Senior Finance Analyst James (right) Age: 25 Occupation: Actor What were your first impressions? Santi: I follow him on Twitter and he is even hotter in real life. The only thing I wasn’t 100% sure on was the turtle-neck jumper. James: He's got a great energy, I felt like I had known him for a long time. Oh and he's handsome. Definitely noticed that. How was the conversation and what did you talk about? Santi: Conversation was great, it seemed to flow really easily through very random topics. We talked about Donald Trump getting elected, how Gryffindors are the worst and which character deaths have traumatised us the most (RIP Buffy's Anya Jenkins). James: The conversation was easy, but we did talk complete bollocks all evening. He made me laugh a lot, which is definitely a good thing. What do you think they thought of you? Santi: Well he said I was a lot nicer than I came across on Twitter so either he really liked me or I am awful online. Both of these options are as likely as each other. James: I think he may have thought I'm a bit nervous? I make a lot of jokes when I'm nervous. I don't think he was impressed that I asked him to retake every single photo he took of me. What was the most interesting thing about them? Santi: The fact that he is an actor. I would have asked him to perform a soliloquy but it wasn’t that kind of restaurant. James: Santi was just very interesting! He's very clever and witty and I loved listening to him talk. Oh and his eyebrows, he has great eyebrows. How was the food? Santi: Fantastic! I had already checked out the menu before the date and knew what I wanted and what I wanted him to choose so I could try it too. This is why I don’t have a six pack. James: The food was great and Santi was super up for sharing which was nice. As a Northerner I still find it a little odd to get fancy tiny portions though. Any awkward moments? Santi: I am still trying to pretend I didn’t knock over and smash a water glass in the middle of a nice restaurant. Apart from that, not really. James: The only awkward moment of the evening would be when he broke a glass and the whole restaurant went silent. I was quietly relieved as it's generally always me that breaks something. How did the night end? Santi: We went to the only place left open in the area for another drink and may have had a couple of kisses. We did go our separate ways on the Victoria line though because I am a lady. James: We went for another drink at the pub and then and we parted ways on the Tube.

Daniel and Conor dined at M Restaurant, Victoria Street, London.

Snog, marry, avoid? Santi: Snog, for sure. James: Snog (We snogged. It was nice.) Will you meet again? Santi: Yeah I hope so. Wouldn’t it be funny if he was all like 'nah mate'? James: We've already agreed to meet again, so... Date Rating: Santi: 9/10 James: 9/10 If you’re in London and would like to go on a blind date for Attitude’s Table For Two, email [email protected] You can see more Table for Two in the latest issue of Attitude’s May issue. Buy in printdownload or subscribe. More stories: Attitude’s Bachelor of the Day: Gavan Hennigan Lynx campaign asks ‘is it ok for guys to experiment with other guys?’