Table for Two | 'The only thing I'd have changed was getting the train home'

Will sparks fly for readers Conor and Tom on Attitude's Blind Date?


Conor (left) 
Age: 23
Occupation: Land referencer

Tom (right)
Age: 20
Occupation: Journalism student

What were you hoping for?

CONOR: I was looking to meet someone interesting, exciting and who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, with the hope of maybe seeing them again if it went well.

TOM: Someone to get on with first and foremost. Moving to London is a challenge and I’m always looking for new people to get along with, whether as friends or more.

What were your first impressions?

CONOR: The first thing I noticed was that he’s the same height as me — usually I end up being dwarfed by my dates. It was a relief to know that I wouldn’t be the butt of any small person jokes. Oh, and of course I noticed he’s cute.

TOM: Short(ish), Northern and funny; I felt right at home. I just regret that the first time he saw me I was holding a cocktail already.

How was the conversation and what did you talk about?

CONOR: Both being northern and growing up not too far away from each other, there was plenty to talk about — including how shit our respective home towns are. His pet chickens even made an appearance in the conversation.

TOM: We talked about everything, to be honest. Plate smashing, flower tattoos, bars near King’s Cross and, most importantly, the north and our love of chips.

What was his best quality?

CONOR: When we left the restaurant, we were approached by an old couple who were lost. In those situations some people can be really rude but he was helpful and took the time to point them in the right direction. I have no time for people who aren’t helpful towards others, especially those in need, so that scored 10 points from me.

TOM: His sense of humour was definitely on the same level as mine. How dark? That’s between us.

What were you most worried he would notice about you?

CONOR: That I had no idea what half the stuff on the menu was and that I was quite nervous when I arrived. I think I got away with it though.

TOM: Probably my excessive talking but he was a chatterbox, too.


How did the night end?

CONOR: After dinner, we headed towards King’s Cross so I could catch the train in plenty of time and not be in a rush. We grabbed some drinks and talked some more, before saying goodbye underneath the departure boards. We might have even kissed…

TOM: We went for a drink after the meal and then I made sure he had some McDonald’s for his train home, bless him.

Conor and Tom dined at M Restaurant, Victoria Street, London

How was the food?

CONOR: It was nice — I was a bit perplexed by all the choices, but the selection of booze made up for that.

TOM: It was honestly one of the best meals I’ve had and the company was adorable.


What would you have changed about the night?

CONOR: The only thing I would have changed was getting the train home that evening…

TOM: I would have happily gone for more drinks with him, he was such good company.

Snog, marry, avoid?

CONOR: Snog.

TOM: Snog, possibly marry.

Will you meet again?

CONOR: Yes, I think so.

TOM: Of course!


Conor: 8/10

Tom: 9/10

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