Table for Two | 'We realised we'd met briefly at his office the day before'

Will a weird twist of fate make things work between telecoms lobbyist Thomas and receptionist Nicholas on Attitude's Blind Date?


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Thomas (left) 
Age: 30
Occupation: Telecoms lobbyist

Nicholas (right)
Age: 24
Occupation: Receptionist

What were you looking from the date?

T: Maybe to meet someone who wants to split a mortgage on a warehouse conversion in Hoxton.

N: Good food, good company and a laugh. 

What were your first impressions?

T: I arrived a few minutes late and flustered (Tube drama, plus four outfit changes). When I got to the table, Nick stood up, had a big smile on his face and went straight in for a hug, which was nice.

N: That he was tall and looks as if he works out.

How different was he to your usual type? 

T: Generally, I go for guys my age or a little bit older, but he was interesting and able to hold a good conversation.

N: I don’t really have a type, but I do like guys who are tall and older than me. Accents are a bonus. 

Would you have swiped left or right?

T: Probably right, but whether we would have chatted or even met up is a different matter.

N: I’ll always swipe right for someone who looks like they’re up for a laugh. 

What did you talk about?

T: When we were discussing our jobs, we realised we had met briefly the day before because I was in his office for a meeting – creepy coincidence!

N: We spoke about everything from family and nights out to music and the new All Stars line-up.

Photography: Markus Bidaux

What was the most interesting thing about him?

T: He seemed bold and mentioned he had been to 12 festivals this year. One festival sounds like a nightmare to me.

N: He was very passionate about his fitness. I found some of the alternative ways he works out quite interesting. What was his best quality?

T: He had a chilled, friendly vibe, and was easy to chat to.

N: He was a gentleman throughout the date, which is rare these days. 

What did you make of his dress sense?

T: Smart: he wore a shirt and had a nice coat.

N: I can’t really comment when I hated what I wore. 

What do you think he thought of you?

T: That I was just another awful basic London gay. I rabbited on about being traumatised by The Inheritance, but I was even more traumatised by the fact he hadn’t seen, or even heard of, it.

N: Handsome, charming, husband material… I’m guessing he didn’t think I was awful if we’re still texting. 

What were you most worried he would notice about you?

T: When he said he was 24, I got a bit defensive about being 30. I felt pressure to make it clear I was still young and cool (probably a lie).

N: My outfit. I hated it.

How was the food?

T: Very Instagrammable, but I’d already used my social media screen-time allowance for the day!

N: Delicious and the cocktails were great. 

Charlie and Dean dined at M Restaurant, Victoria Street, London

Were there any deal-breakers?

T: He lives in Kent. Not sure I’ve ever been to Kent.

N: Not really. We seemed to get on well, but it just wasn’t very flirty.

Any awkward moments?

T: Mid-way through the date where I got incredibly confused and wasn’t entirely sure if his name was Nick or Dan. Thankfully, I don’t think he noticed.

N: We actually met the day before as he had a meeting at the company I work for and I’d signed him into the building. Small world!

How did the night end?

T: We walked to the Tube station together and hugged.

N: We walked back to the station and exchanged numbers.

What would you have changed about the night?

T: I had to work the next day after cocktails and a bottle of wine.

N: Maybe the huge table we sat at. I kept fidgeting as I couldn’t get comfortable. 

Snog, marry, avoid?

T: I’m not in the habit of marrying people after meeting them once, and I don’t think either of us did anything that warrants avoiding each other, so I guess a snog.

N: Is there a fourth option?

Will you meet again?

T: We said we’d try to get together again at some point.

N: We’ve texted since about going for dinner and drinks, but from my point of view it would be just as mates.

Rate the date!

Thomas: 7/10

Nicholas 7/10

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