Teen charged with hate crime after allegedly holding gay man captive for four days

Otoni Eliseu was starved and beaten for four days because he was gay


A teenager is under arrest and charged with hate crime after he allegedly held a man captive inside a basement for four days because of his sexuality.

Police in Boston found Otoni Eliseu in a basement bathroom wearing only a pair of pants lying on the floor covered in blood without any food or water and allegedly was beaten with a bat by 19 year old Jackson Sugrue because he is gay, Boston 25 News reported.

Sugrue allegedly kept yelling homophobic slurs as he was beating Eliseu, the prosecution said.

Eliseu was staying in the church basement and had used crack with the teenager before he was threatened.

The prosecution claim that Sugrue pulled Eliseu from his bed onto the floor and began attacking him repeatedly by stepping on his throat and choking him, which the victim claims was an act of hate crime.

Eliseu said: “He attacked me on my back, on my butt, [saying] ‘You’re gay, you like me‘.”

Sugrue also allegedly beat Eliseu with a coffee table while shouting homophobic slurs as well as beating him with a fire extinguisher.

Over the weekend, Eliseu managed to break free and ran away.

However, the teenager’s attorney, Kenneth Gross, and parents claim he was the victim and said Eliseu, 50, was trying to take advantage of the 19 year old

Gross said: “He [alleged victim] was trying to entice my client to do things that were against his nature.”#

Sugrue’s parents Terry and Frank told the Daily News: “My son is a victim of a 50-year-old man.

“This is someone we tried to help. He became obsessed with my son.”