Telegraph to publish list of 50 most influential LGBT people in business

Gay A list of the 50 most influential LGBT people in business is set to be published early next year. Comprised by the Daily Telegraph, the Out at Work Top 50 - the first time such a list has ever been compiled - will showcase LGBT workers who have "worked tirelessly for the gay community." The team behind the Out at Work Top 50 say that people from all walks of life are eligible to be included, with nominees expected to fulfil key criteria including how they've impacted on business, their involvement in internal and external diversity events, how they've helped shape policy on LGBT issues and the work they've done to incite change. Linda Riley, Chair of the Out at Work Judging Advisory board said: “This list is incredibly important in recognising the individuals working tirelessly for the LGBT community that might ordinarily be overlooked due to their position in the company, or the size of their company. We don’t want a list of the highest paid LGBT executives. "To be considered as a nominee for the Out at Work Top 50 Most Influential LGBT People in Business, an individual needs to be out at work and have made a difference to the LGBT network in their company, for example: working to promote it, supporting LGBT charities, mentoring or acting as a role model. The judging panel will be led by Lord Guy Black, Executive of the Telegraph Media Group, Lord Michael Cashman and diversity and inclusion expert Linda Riley, who will carefully select the winners, who will be announced at the Houses of Parliament on January 15. To make a nomination, click here. More stories: Which office department is the kinkiest? The results are in… 12-year-old writes letter in response to Panti Bliss speech