Terrence Higgins Trust say Gareth Thomas has already made 'massive difference' after revealing HIV diagnosis

The former Welsh rugby star revealed he is living with HIV over the weekend


Words: Steve Brown

The Terrence Higgins Trust had a massive jump in traffic after Gareth Thomas revealed he is living with HIV.

Last weekend, the former Welsh rugby star was forced to publicly reveal his HIV diagnosis after he was blackmailed by a tabloid newspaper, who told his parents before he did.

Now the HIV and sexual health charity has revealed the day after the news, there was a high number of visitors to their website on the page concerning the virus being undetectable.

Ian Green, chief executive at Terrence Higgins Trust, said: “There’s been a big jump in traffic accessing details about effective treatment which means people living with HIV – just like Gareth – can’t pass it on.

“Gareth has helped to smash misinformation and stigma about HIV by showing it will not stop him living life to the full.

“I am incredibly proud to call Gareth a friend and he is already making a massive difference in how society sees HIV in 2019.”

After revealing the news, Thomas was hailed an ‘absolute legend’ by Prince Harry and they both vowed to end stigma surrounding the virus.

Following the news from THT, Thomas told the i newspaper: “I’m overwhelmed to hear of the positive reaction to my announcement and I hope it keeps on going.

“My message is about inspiring others to have the courage to speak out and not be afraid and to help educate people.”