Terrorist group ISIS throw man off roof for being gay

ISISTerrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has thrown a man off a roof after he was allegedly found guilty of "practising sodomy." The execution – believed to have taken place yesterday (December 10) at an undisclosed location in Northern Iraq. The extremist group have released graphic images that show the victim being thrown from a roof and laying on the ground, where he was reportedly stoned. The group also released a statement saying: "The Islamic court in Wilayat al-Furat decided that a man who has practiced sodomy must be thrown off the highest point in the city, and then stoned to death." The group – who inflict a wide range of punishments on those it believes have infringed on Islamic law – allegedly stoned two men to death last month (November) in Syria after claiming they had evidence the men were gay. More Stories: Former Mr Gay UK facing sack from police over assault conviction What happened after a gay couple were told to leave Burger King?