TFL has banned adverts featuring BBC star Gary Lineker naked

TFL has banned naked pictures of Gary Lineker. The images were produced as part of a yet-to-be-announced advertising campaign, which is set to go live later today across London. However, the original plan was to include images of the star in the buff, but TFL put a stop to that after they requested for a pair of pants to be photoshopped onto the images in order to make them appropriate for London's Underground and busses. A TFL friendly version of the adverts will now hit stations around the capital next week instead. According to their guidelines, an image will be rejected by TFL if"the advertisement depicts men, women or children in a sexual manner or displays nude or semi-nude figures in an overtly sexual context". A spokesperson said: “We worked closely with TFL to ensure the adverts that will appear on Monday are suitable for the environment. TFL have been incredibly helpful at every step of the way to ensure app parties are happy with the final images” Do you think they're inappropriate? Take a look below: Poor Gary.