The 23 most fierce and fabulous moments from Rio 2016

What a two weeks it's been! The Rio Olympics have been crammed full of athleticism, drama, romance, hotties, hilarity, and kept us entertained and inspired throughout. For team GB, the games were historic - we placed second on the medals table with 67, and won more medals than ever before   not only did we place second on the medals table, we became the first country to outperform at an away games, compared to a home games. Meanwhile, it was a huge summer for LGBT athletes too, with almost 50 out and proud sportspeople competing. The Rio Games were incredible. So much so, that we're finding it a little hard to say goodbye. But before we begin the long, four-year wait for the Tokyo Games, we wanted to share some of our favourite Olympic moments. 1) When Tonga's Pita Taufatofua greased up and marched straight into our wildest dreams during the opening ceremony   2) When Japanese athlete Hiroki Ogita's penis knocked him out of the pole-vault event 3) When american gymnast Danell Levya caused an international thirst crisis with his topless gymnastics routine. 4) Usain Bolt winning all of the races and looking fine as hell to boot. 5) The male, Jamaican sprinting team being #AthleteGoalz, #CelebrationGoalz, #BoyfriendGoalz and #SpandexGoalz 6) Every single moment of synchronized swimming 7) The Refugee Team demonstrating excellence in the face of adversity, and reminding us that a country to call home is a privilege that not everyone enjoys. 8) Jack Laugher and Chris Mears snatching gold medals in the men's synchronised diving 9) JACK LAUGHER'S THIGHS. 10) Kate and Helen Richardson-Worth becoming the first same-sex married couple to win gold together at the Olympics 11) Mo Farah, and everything he did 12) Samuel L. Jackson fan-girling over Mo Farah 13) 47% of out LGBT athletes winning medals. YAS! Untitled-1 14) Jessica Ennis-Hill winning silver in the unimaginably difficult heptathlon 15) Nicola Adams MBE (and Attitude award-winner, thank you very much) defending her boxing gold, generally being a total bad-ass in the ring, and also being perhaps the most adorable athlete to come out of Britain since ever 16) Absolutely no one managing to contain their thirst for the world's most elite athletes 17) South Africa's Caster Semenya winning the 800m women's race with a national record because she is an exceptionally gifted woman and athlete, and no amount of bitterness will change that 18) The belly-flop to end all belly-flops 19) Out Tongan athlete Amini Fonua letting the Daily Beast have it after their atrocious gay-baiting article 20) Out Tongan athlete Amini Fonua letting the Daily Beast have it once more, this time with a picture of his butt

Yo @nicohines & @thedailybeast - if what you were looking for on Grindr was hot ass (and I don't see any other reason why you'd be on there) here you have mine in all its proud glory. Now, kiss it and fuck off #pride

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21) America's Simone Biles caring not one jot for the laws of gravity and winning an incredible FIVE gymnastics medals - including four golds! 22) The Olympic diving pool turning a very disconcerting shade of green, and everyone being total troopers and diving into it, possible mutations be damned!   23) The Prime Minister of Japan attempting to upstage the Queen's 2012 James Bond opening ceremony cameo  bit by arriving via pipe, dressed as... Super Mario. Bring on Tokyo 2020! More stories: Bette Midler sparks angry backlash with transphobic Caitlyn Jenner ‘joke’ JK Rowling shuts down homophobic abuse thrown at Tom Daley