The contestants for Courtney Act's new show 'The Bi Life' have been announced

The ten-part dating series follows the group of bisexuals looking for love in Barcelona


The contestants for Courtney Act’s new TV show The Bi Life have been revealed.

The ten-part dating series, which is follows a group of bisexual+ or questioning Brits as they try and find love in Barcelona, will be British TV's first ever dedicated bisexual dating series.

The cast live together, party together and help each other navigate the rocky road of bisexual+ dating.  Throughout the experience, the cast support and encourage each other as they date and meet new people in sunny Spain. For some, this will mean exploring who they are for the very first time.

Throughout the experience, the cast will provide each other with support and encouragement as they share their stories, form new friendships and go looking for love. The series will chart their highs and lows as they embark on a life of dating and romance in Barcelona.

Courtney, who was crowned winner of Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year after educating housemates and viewers about gender and sexuality issues, said: “As if this summer hasn’t been hot enough, we decided to crank it up another notch with The Bi Life on E!

“It’s high time there was a dating show for the large number of young people today, like me, who are attracted to more than one gender.

“In 2018 we know that sexuality is fluid and sharing the stories and experiences, the laughter and the love making, of young bi people is so important.

“So, get ready to see the true stories of bisexual singles, who are the largest part of the LGBTQ+ community, but the least known.”

The Bi Life premieres on E! in the UK and Ireland on October 25.

Now the contestants taking part in the new show have been revealed and we cannot wait to see what they get up to.

 Ryan Cleary

Ryan - who was in one of Attitude's Active shoots - has had relationships with both men and women; his last relationship being a year ago with a guy.

He has had relationships with girls in the past but he says they haven’t been as strong as the relationships he’s had with guys. He says girls are more loyal and loving and men are usually wilder.  

Daisie Thilwind

She is taking part in the show because she has been hurt by previous relationships and she wants to let go of the past and find love.

Daisie states that she is “proud to be bisexual” and is confident in telling people about her sexuality.

Carmen Clarke

She says that being a model, she feels more judgement on her sexuality as people have preconceived ideas of what a female model should be – and being bisexual doesn’t often fit into that mould.

Regular comments she receives about being bisexual are that she ‘looks straight’ and that she is ‘too pretty to be a bisexual.’

Irene Ellis

Irene has dated more men than women and says she is taking part in the show because “I want to actually feel like a bisexual. I’ve acted very straight for a while, so to be comfortable in it would be great.” 

When she was in a previous relationship, she told her then boyfriend about her sexuality and he immediately responded with: “so you want a threesome?” She said that is the most annoying question to be asked when you are bisexual. 

Kyle McGovern

After being out as bisexual for a year now, Kyle is hoping his summer in the villa will be enough to make him realise there is life beyond the Valleys and he intends to explore it. 

Having dated mainly girls, he feels it’s the perfect opportunity to see what or who is outside his home-town in the Valleys.

He wants to explore who he is, with like-minded people who are going through the same journey as himself. He says that tinder is rubbish when you’re a bisexual living in the Valleys.  

Michael Gunning

Michael is an international swimmer and has competed for Great Britain. He is now part of the Jamaican team. His goal is to swim for team Jamaica in the 2020 Olympics. 

His commitment to swimming has meant he has never been in a relationship or even on a date before the show started. 

Michael is completely new to the world of dating and relationships. He wants to explore his sexuality and learn more about himself.

Leonnie Cavill

Leonnie describes her love life as being ‘unlucky in love’ but she is picky and gets bored really easily and so hasn’t had a proper relationship for seven years. 

She goes on regular dates with both guys and girls and acknowledges that living freely is “the best thing in the world – I am no longer just stuck in a closet and neither do I feel embarrassed.” 

All of her friends are beginning to settle down and this is something she is thinking about. Instead of having a quiet life she wants a partner who can share wild times with her. 

Mariella Amodeo

Despite facing disappointments in her love life, Mariella is still looking for her fairytale ending and isn’t giving up on finding the one. 

She is passionate about having a family so she is looking for something serious. 

Coming from a big family she is feeling the pressure to settle down, especially now that she is 33. She is hoping to meet the one on The Bi Life.

Matt Brindley

In three words, he describes himself as “up for it.” 

Matt is looking for a serious relationship. He dates more men than women but he hasn’t had a long term relationship since he split with his girlfriend. 

His perfect partner would be somebody with an outgoing personality, quite adventurous and likes to socialize. He says he is also attracted to people who look after their body and appearance – “a 10 out of 10.”

Catch up on the series by watching episode one on YouTube now.