The Daily Mail just discovered London's LGBT traffic lights, and they're not happy (obviously)

Back in September, Transport for London announced that the LGBT traffic light filters which adorned the streets of London during Pride were staying put in the capital. The 50 lights, which were originally put in place back in June, show various symbols of same-sex love and trans equality. However, the Daily Mail have offered their uninvited thoughts on the lights, four months late, and naturally they aren't happy about them. Food whizz and Guardian writer Jack Monroe shared their hysterical take on the entirely harmless lights, which are centred around Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square. Describing the lights as "PC [politically correct]", the paper asks, "What would Nelson say!" which is essentially the historical version of: 200-1 The article goes on the suggest that "Londoners have been left scratching their heads at the baffling array of politically correct signs, some complaining that tourists would find them confusing," which is one of the most roundabout ways of saying "LGBT+ people terrify us!" we've ever come across (and we saw their homophobic PrEP coverage earlier this year). They then go on to quote concerned citizens who cite the arrows of the gender symbols as running the risk of tourists running into the road by mistake, completely ignoring the fact that the lights have been up since June without a single accident. They never actually get round to answering their own question, but considering Nelson died almost 250 years ago, we reckon the answer to "what would Nelson say!" is "who cares!" More stories: Watch the trailer for stunning new coming-of-age film ‘Moonlight’ These two newly-married grooms are serious first dance goals – WATCH