The five films from the Bodies category we cannot wait to see at BFI Flare: London LGBTQ Film Festival 2019

There are more than 50 films being screened at the 10-day festival


Words: Steve Brown

BFI Flare: London LGBTQ Film Festival is kicking off this week (March 21) and we honestly cannot wait to get into the thick of it.

Hosting more than 50 feature films, shorts and documentaries, the 10-day festival is split into three categories, Hearts, Bodies and Minds and is anything short of exciting.

With a great roster of fantastic films ahead, it's hard to narrow down just which films to see but we have compiled a list of the five films from the Bodies category that we are most looking forward to seeing.

These films are all stories about sex, identity and transformation.

Girl - Dir. Lukas Dhont 

Following critical acclaim and backlash from members of the trans community, Lukas Dhont's latest movie will be screened at the festival.

The film follows fifteen year old Lara (played by cis actor Victor Polster) who puts herself through a gruelling training regime to enter the very binary world of ballet.

Lara’s journey is fraught with challenges, from the transphobic bullying of her envious classmates to the every day challenges that puberty brings.

Lara negotiates her new school territory, begins to explore a suppressed sexuality and hpreviewas to deal with every teenager’s nightmare - the inquisitive parent.

You can read our interview with Dhont here.

Little Miss Westie - Dir. Joy E Reed

This documentary charts the progress of an alternative Connecticut family with two trans children.

Gender-fluid Luca and old-fashioned Rena join a local beauty pageant and the film follows their determination to make the world their own.

Nevrland - Dir. Gregor Schmidinger

After 17-year-old Jakob - a webcam obsessive - meets up with 26-year-old Kristjan, events soon escalate out of control. 

With echoes of Suspiria, this film features psychedelic surrealism including arresting sex scenes intercut with images of pigs being butchered.

The film explores a balance between psychological thriller and deep anxiety. 

Greta - Dir. Armando Praca

This film follows trans cabaret singer, Daniela, and her long-standing friend and occasional lover, Pedro. 

After being admitted into hospital after suffering kidney failure, the hospital tries to admit her to a male ward but the gutsy pair fight back.

Furthermore, Pedro cannot help but swipe drugs and jacks off willing guys on the ward. However, one night Pedro helps a criminal escape and becomes embroiled in the cover-up.

Will this dangerous fly-by-night character be able to satisfy Pedro's fantasy to become Greta Garbo?

Knife + Heart - Dir. Yann Gonzalez

Anne is a ruthless gay porn producer working in Paris in the 1970s but while nursing a broken heart following the break-up with her girlfriend, she launches herself into her latest production.

However, when one of her stars ends up brutally murdered, it soon becomes terrifyingly clear that a homicidal maniac is intent on bumping off the cast, one-by-one.

You can find the full programme here but trust us, the tickets are selling out fast! Get your tickets while you can!