The Game continues to post bulge-tastic pics on Instagram

Proving that his recent spate of NSFW selfies was no one-time flight of fancy, US rapper The Game has continued to explore his passion for photography and neon trunks on Instagram. The self-described #MeatPrintPapi has been keeping fans glued to their smartphones with regular updates from his bathroom, accompanied by a series of sexually explicit hashtag instructions that even have us here at Attitude HQ blushing. the game "So tonite you wanna got out... I say let's stay in #NetflixAnd.. #Naw #GetDickAndChill," the 35-year-old captioned his latest pic, with admirable candour. the game2 Naturally, we'll keep you updated as this ongoing story continues to develop - but when it comes to the 'game' of who can skirt closest to a ban from Instagram's moderators, the only person who comes close remains former Gladiators star David McKintosh, who recently posted his own jaw-dropping nude on the social media site. More stories: Watch | Adele previews new single 'When We Were Young' In defence of the gay age gap