The Gay Men's Chorus' musical tribute to Laura Dern is everything we ever needed - WATCH

The Oscar-winning actress IS gay rights.


In an ever-more divided world, one figures can be relied upon to unite the LGBTQ community: Laura Dern.

The Oscar-winning star of Jurassic ParkBig Little Lies and Ellen's 1997 coming out episode has established herself as a modern gay icon over the last few years, and was rightly celebrated at the 35th Film Independent Spirit Awards last week.

As the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles took to the stage to deliver a special performance celebrating the gay movie moments you didn't know were gay - "J.Lo pole dancing to Fiona Apple", "The title of the film Diane" things quickly took a Dern, sorry turn.

"Laura Dern kicking her feet up on the couch", the group sang in perfect harmony as they began to reference the 53-year-old actress' now Oscar-winning appearance in Marriage Story.

"Laura Dern ordering a kale salad. Laura Dern dressed slutty in court. "Just all of Laura Dern."

As a shocked Laura Dern looked on from the audience, bursting into laughter, former Glee star Alex Newell leapt on stage to deliver the song's epic crescendo: Laura Dern's name delivered in flawless vocal runs.

Watch the incredible performance below: