The Haunting of Bly Manor's T'Nia Miller shares her truly inspiring coming out story

"[When my ex-husband] started being an a***hole I realised: I have two kids, I’m a little older and I don’t give a s*** about social pressure, so I’m going to start dating women."


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Netflix

Actor T'Nia Miller has shared her inspiring coming out story in a new interview.

The star - who this year featured in Netflix's The Haunting of Bly Manor, which won praise for its same-sex romance storyline - says she was in her early 20s before coming to terms with her sexuality.

By this time, she was also married with kids, reports The Guardian.

"It was really that simple"

The Sex Education star told the publication: "By the time he [her ex-husband] started being an arsehole I realised: I have two kids, I’m a little older and I don’t give a shit about social pressure, so I’m going to start dating women.

"It was really that simple."

Love it!

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On growing up, she said: "I have Jamaican heritage. I love reggae music and I used to listen to a lot of bashment as a kid.

“That scene, at the time, didn’t support me being queer. Although such views weren’t present in my family, in the wider society there was a shame shrouded on it, so I sort of denied it and pushed it back."

She also explained: "I’d never seen a queer person on TV and I didn’t know any queer people at all until I got to college. I used to travel from the East End to go to college in Notting Hill and that’s where I met my first queer family, as it were; people who were a little bit different than the social circle I was used to mixing with. My God, it was refreshing."

T'Nia - who also appeared in last year's hit show Years and Years - is currently working with LGBTQ+ young youth organisation Just Like Us on its #YoungerMe campaign, raising awareness for LGBTQ-inclusive education.

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