The 'IT' sequel has cast gay couple left out of the 1990s TV mini-series

The gay couple's storyline is a reason why the Losers Club return as adults to fight Pennywise the Dancing Clown


The highly anticipated sequel to IT has cast the gay characters left out of the TV mini-series.

In the hit Stephen King novel, Adrian Mellon and Don Haggerty are a gay couple living in the town of Derry, Maine, but during their time in the town they experience homophobia and hate crime.

Although, they are only supporting characters, their tragic storyline is the reason why the Losers Club return back to the town – now as adults – to face off against the terrifying, child murdering Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

In the novel, the couple are attacked by a group of teenagers who throw Adrian off a bridge where Pennywise drags him out of the water, bites and kills him.

Despite the vicious clown being seen killing Adrian by two of the attackers, during the trial Pennywise is not mentioned.

It is not known whether these characters will have a bigger role in IT: Chapter Two - which is slated for release in 2019 - but their storyline is important to the rest of the narrative.

The characters were omitted from the 1990s TV mini-series – which starred Tim Curry as the role of Pennywise – but now director Andy Muschietti has revealed the characters will appear in the upcoming sequel.

French-Canadian actor Xavier Dolan and director Taylor Frey will play Adrian and Don alongside the likes of Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, James Ransone, Andy Bean and Bill Skarsgard, who will return as Pennywise.