The number of gay men who've cheated on their partner has been revealed

Looks like there's an awful lot of 'little secrets' out there...


When it comes to making and breaking relationships, trust and fidelity are often the key - and now a new survey has revealed just how many gay men have cheated on their partner.

An eye-opening new survey by FS magazine has found that more than half of gay men (52%) admiit to being unfatithuful, with 45% of these men saying their partner never found out.

The number of gay men who said they'd been cheated on themselves was even higher, with 58% of respondents saying a partner has been unfaithful.

More worringly, the survey of 961 gay and bi men found that 17% of men who's cheated had picked up and STI doing so - and of this group a massive 61% did not inform their partner.

Shady behaviour wasn't just limited to couples in monogamous relationships either: 40% of respondents in an open relationship said that either they or their partner has broken the rules of that relationship.

Ian Howley, Chief Executive of HERO, the Health Equality and Rights Organisation, said the results of the survey showed the importance of testing regularly for STDs even if you're in a committed relationship.

"17% of the gay men who admitted to cheating on their partner got an STI or HIV. We recommend that all sexually active gay men, whether in a relationship or not, gets tested for HIV and STI at least twice a year," he said. 

The new issue of FS magazine is now available to download on iOS and via Pocketmags.