The number of young Brits identifying as gay, lesbian or bisexual is on the rise

The 'Gay Agenda' is celebrating a huge win today as more and more young people are identifying as being a part of the LGBT community, according to The Metro. The Office for National Statistics revealed that, in 2015, 1 in 30 Brits aged 16-24 (3.3%) thought of themselves as LGB, compared with an average of just one in 60 for all age groups combined. Only 0.6% of people aged 65 and over considered themselves to be LGB. The study only covered sexual identity, and doesn't take into account trans identity or sexual behaviour. The survey also found that London was home to the most LGB people, with 2.6% of the population identifying as such; while the east of England had the lowest percentage, with just 1.2%. The 1 in 30 stat shows an increase in young people identifying as LGB over the past couple of years, with only 1 in 30 identifying as such in 2012. ONS statistician Pamela Cobb said: ‘In 2015, the majority (93.7%) of the UK population identified themselves as heterosexual or straight, with 1.7% identifying as LGB, the remainder either identifying as ‘other’, ‘don’t know’ or refusing to respond.” While 2% of men identified as LGB, only 1.5% of women did, with 0.4% identified as "other." 4.1% of respondents refused to answer, or were unsure how to identify. Must be something in the water. More stories: Watch the trailer for stunning new coming-of-age film ‘Moonlight’ These two newly-married grooms are serious first dance goals – WATCH