The 'Sense8' sex scene that's got everyone talking

The latest creation from sibling duo Andy and Lana Wachowski (The Matrix, Cloud Atlas), Sense8 has been garnering buzz since its Netflix premiere on June 5 for its frank, honest depiction of LGBT characters. The plot revolves around eight strangers from different parts of the world who 'suddenly become mentally and emotionally linked'. Among the eight are characters of different races, sexualities and gender identities, reflecting the Wachowski's queer storytelling chops (Lana is herself transgender). While viewer and critic reaction to the show as a whole has been mixed - much like their 2012 epic Cloud Atlas, some find the ambitious mix of characters a little overwhelming -  one scene in particular appears to have been given a unanimous TWO THUMBS UP. Without spoiling the show for anyone who's yet to get stuck in, during episode six, the cast get stuck into an extended, world-straddling pansexual orgy, taking their 'mental and emotional' links to a whole new level. Here are a few pics of the scene that's got everyone talking: orgy1 orgy2 orgy3 orgy4 orgy5 orgy6 orgy7 orgy8 And here are a few of our favourite viewer reactions: https://twitter.com/kateycIausen/status/610485563553132544 https://twitter.com/wilIgorskis/status/610130327311413248 https://twitter.com/KamalaKorps/status/609815245020749824 https://twitter.com/gcparty95/status/609126494569414656 https://twitter.com/DammitGinger/status/608763562652258304 https://twitter.com/asieybarbie/status/608394465141735425 https://twitter.com/CarboV/status/608462547587620864