The Sun demands George Michael's grieving partner answers intrusive questions about personal life

The Sun has attempted to wade into the personal lives of George Michael and his partner Fadi Fawaz following the singer's tragic death on Christmas Day at the age of 53. Michael was found dead in bed on the afternoon of  25 December. While police have confirmed no foul play is suspected, the star's death is being treated as "unexplained." An initial post-mortem examination proved inconclusive, with further tests set to be carried out. Fawaz says he slept in his car the night Michael died. In the aftermath of Michael's death, a number of tweets were posted to Fawaz's Twitter account, claiming that the Careless Whisper singer had tried to "kill himself many times" and suggesting that his death was the result of suicide. Fawaz claims his Twitter account, which has since been deleted,  was hacked. Following George's death, journalists at The Sun launched an investigation into his final hours, and despite clarifying there is "no suggestion" that Fawaz has done anything wrong, have proceeded to ask the 40-year-old photographer a series of intrusive personal questions about his relationship with Michael. The questions posed include:
  • Did you know George was taking drugs up to his death?
  • Who provided the drugs?
  • Did you really sleep in your car on the wintry night he died, and why?
  • Who hacked your Twitter account, and have you reported the problem?
  • Were you in a relationship with George when he died?
  • Why do friends of George accuse you of acting like a ‘leech’?"
According to the article, Fadi refused to answer these questions, which the tabloid newspaper claims were put forward by anonymous "pals of George." Fadi has not yet responded to the article, which was published yesterday (2 January). Read our official tribute to George Michael here. More stories: Attitude’s Sound of 2017 Will & Grace is officially returning, Leslie Jordan confirms