The ten Drag Race queens who NEED to return for All Stars 2

It’s long been rumoured, but yesterday Mother Ru herself confirmed that a new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars would start filming as soon as production has wrapped on the forthcoming Season 8. Yas gawd! No shade, but the last season of All Stars, three years ago, left many fans cold. The odd choice to pair contestants saw some (Pandora Boxx and Manila Luzon) leave way too soon, while others (Chad Michaels) came across worse than they had during their first run. Hopefully, lessons will have been learned and we’ll get to see some old favourites battle it out fair and square for a chance to enter Ru’s Hall of Fame. But with eight seasons of queens to pick from, how will Ru pick her runners and riders? I’m guessing past winners won’t be eligible, so here are ten queens I would love to see get a second bite at the cherry. 1. Alaska (Justin Honard) tumblr_mjkbr35asw1rosb88o1_500 It’s almost unthinkable that Alaska wouldn’t be involved in an All Stars 2. Alaska, who should have probably beaten Jinkx Monsoon in Season 5 if we’re honest, has recurred numerous times in subsequent seasons, most memorably as Anna Wintour in Season 7. 2. Alyssa Edwards (Justin Johnson) tumblr_mihu9e6jHT1rdutw3o1_400 Another dead cert, we might finally learn ‘Alyssa’s Secret’! A one-woman catchphrase machine, Alyssa is responsible for ‘BACK ROLLS’ and her trademark mirror gurning sessions. 3. Katya (Brian McCook) KatyaLeaf.gif.CROP.original-original Her failure to make the final four of Season 7 almost kick-started a second Stonewall riot. Possibly the most intriguing contestant from her series (and certainly the most fun), Katya – who was crowned Miss Congeniality – will almost certainly feature in an All Stars line-up. 4. Willam (Willam Belli) tumblr_mvwihgtt2Q1qkvwt8o1_500 A difficult one. Fans love Willam’s cutting, off-kilter humour and parody video ‘Boy Is A Bottom’ went viral. However, always outspoken, Willam has criticised makers Logo TV and has been notably absent from the show since being booted off Season 4. Whether Logo like him or not, Willam is an All Star. 5. BenDeLaCreme (Benjamin Putman) tumblr_n2pmprh92d1qdj5a4o1_500 Another Miss Congeniality, BenDeLa was simply lovely not to mention talented – who can forget his turn as Maggie Smith in Snatch Game? Ben failed to make the final four of Season 6, but while I feel we’ve seen all we need to from Courtney Act and Darienne Lake, I’d be keen to see what else Ben has to offer. 6. Carmen Carrera zeD5W A controversial choice given that Carmen has now transitioned, but Monica Beverly Hillz was allowed to compete as a woman, setting a precedent. Carmen is glamour personified and is a key voice for the trans community. 7. Phi Phi O Hara (Jaermi Carey) tumblr_m07jjsqf3g1r8f9apo1_500 I’m the first to agree Phi Phi was a massive irritant during Season 4, but if Sharon Needles can forgive and forget, so can I. One look at her Instagram account shows how far Phi Phi has come on since her season and I really think she’d show a reformed character. 8. Shangela (DJ Pierce) tumblr_m3qbpbtI1Z1rosb88o1_500 Like Michael Myers in Halloween, tenacious Shangela refused to stay dead, appearing in Season 2, 3 and (briefly) 4. All raw talent and rough edges, we saw Shangela at the very start of her drag career so it’d be interesting to see what she can do now. Her interactions with drag mother Alyssa Edwards would also be TV gold. 9. Max (Max Malanaphy) a85e84_b7fca3ad391e49bba8784f01bce1456b.gif_srz_500_500_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_gif_srz Max was something of an enigma during Season 7. Quiet, dignified and introvert, Max brought it every show only to be booted the first time she slipped up. Hardly fair. Not an obvious choice, but a queen who had so much more to give. 10. Adore Delano (Danny Noriega) tumblr_inline_n3ktw6Ni0a1s1y7p8 My personal favourite. Arguably we saw everything Adore had to offer during Season 6, and she certainly has the most successful music career the show has spawned, but I’m a sucker for Adore’s clueless charm. She said it herself: ‘I’m fucking cool’. Words by JAMES DAWSON RuPaul interview: "Drag reveals who you are"