The Three Lions Pride insignia flies high during England's first World Cup game

The new rainbow-inspired Three Lions banner was designed by the Three Lions Pride support group


The rainbow-inspired Three Lions insignia is flying high at England's first World Cup game.

The new insignia was created and designed by the Three Lions Pride support group and was required permission from the Football Association (FA) - to which it gave full backing.

Although it is not illegal to be gay in Russia, the banner was created to go against the country's 2013 law which bans any promotion of the LGBT+ community.

The concepot of the new design sees the iconic Three Lions insignia designed with the rainbow flag to celebrate the support the FA has for the LGBT+ community.

In a a tweet, the Three Lions Pride group wrote: "Banner up! #ThreeLions #Pride #WorldCup #Russia!"

Di Cunningham, of the LGBT+ group, admitted she is anxious getting the design out in public.

She said: "I’ve got the England Three Lions banner with me with the rainbow lions and I ha ve been really hesitant getting it out because, you know, who knows.

"Because it’s got rainbows on it, it contravenes the 2013 gay propaganbda act which makes it illegal to promote untraditional relationships and clearly rainbow does."

Despite being anxious, the banner was raised and flown during the game against Tunisia.

The Three Lions Pride isn't the only LGBT+ organisation the FA has given their support for after they teamed up with charity Stonewall for a new campaign to promote inclusivity for everyone across the globe.

The LGBT London team, The London Titans, also showed their support with the rainbow-inspired scarves.