The Walking Dead star thanks LGBT community in heartfelt message as character is killed off

This article contains spoilers which some readers may wish to avoid. The Walking Dead actor Jordan Woods-Robinson thanked the LGBT community in a heartfelt video message as his character was killed off. Woods-Robinson, who plays gay character Eric, reflected on his time on the show in two video tweets on Tuesday (November 7), one before the character's death and a second after his death. Eric has been romantically partnered with Aaron, played by Ross Masquand, since the show's beginning. In the first video, Woods-Robinson said: "I wanted to reach out, and I wanted to say thank you." "I had a question from Chris Hardwick [on Talking Dead] a couple of nights ago, which is amazing, but I'm not quite sure I got to the answer I wanted to." "He asked me: 'What would you like to tell the fans of Eric and Aaron?' I would like to say: 'Thank you for sharing your stories." Woods-Robinson continued: "Ross and I had so many conversations with members of the LGBT community about your stories and your challenges and your victories." "It always brought us such pride knowing that we were able to bring a relationship to life that resonated with so many people, that echoed at a core level." In the second video, the star thanked LGBT fans for sharing their life stories with them, revealing that they frequently approached Woods-Robinson and Marquand to share their life stories. He said: "Thank you so much for just sharing your stories with us about why this show is important to you." "That's what always made it incredible for me and I'm going to miss that. I'm well, I hope you're well, and now I'm excited to watch this alongside you." Earlier this year, The Walking Dead's Daniel Newman came out in a heartfelt video on social media. More stories: Jake Shears: ‘If all you’re giving the world is your body on Instagram – f**k off’ Attitude’s Masculinity survey reveals almost 75% of gay men are turned off by effeminate guys