'The world belongs to no man!': Union J star Jaymi Hensley hits back at fan slamming him for Dubai shoot

The singer was shooting his latest video in Dubai where it is illegal to be gay


Jaymi Hensley has hit back at a fan who claimed Union J financially contributed to a country where it is illegal to be gay.

The X Factor boyband were in Dubai shooting the video for their new single and in the country homosexuality carries a range of punishments up to death under the Sharia Law.

However, when Jaymi – who is openly gay – posted a picture of himself in front of the skyline, a fan wrote: “I just can’t get my head round an LGBT person contributing financially to a country that would torture you for just holding your partners hand.

“They’ll take your money but strip you of your rights. Go somewhere you recognised as human and find their economy [sic]”#

The 28 year old then responded to the fan and said the “world belongs to no man” regardless of law, religion and sexuality.

He said: “As an LGBT person I refuse to be confined where I can and can’t go!

“Regardless of law religion sexuality the world belongs to no man! We were there to shoot a music video so if anybody is contributing financially it is Dubai to our musical journey, sometimes in life we weren’t able to always call ten shots on where life takes us, but I for on am not someone who is going to sit home and hide because of rhetoric views.”