Theatre Review: Shaun Kitchener's new play Positive

10268674_10152393141656445_7314519626596131331_n Positive is a new play, by young playwright Shaun Kitchener, showing at the Waterloo East Theatre in London, after tryouts in Edinburgh last year. Based on real, modern stories of people living with HIV (including those presented in Attitude itself), the plot follows Benji (Timothy George) and flatmate Nikki (Nathalie Barclay), both of whom are dealing with the complexities of the medical and social issues that still come with having the condition today. Benji goes through the trials and tribulations of medical appointments, being rejected half way through a one night stand, and figuring out how to reveal his status to a new love interest. Although Nikki's subplot was less interesting, she stood out in most scenes she was in, with a simple but strong characterisation. Special mention also goes to Sally George as Benji's mother, who brings a familiar style of painfully middle class camp at first, but shows a performance of true substance once the nitty gritty of family rows gets going. Although the theatre is small and the production quaint, this play is very well written - the promising playwright himself also stars as Benji's love interest. It gets across strong messages that will speak to people who have experienced HIV in their own lives, and educate those who have not. Make a point of checking it out while it runs this month! Rating: 4/5 Positive plays at the Waterloo East Theatre until 1st June 2014. west-avenue.co.uk @PositivePlayLDN