Theresa May admitted she has made bad decisions and wants to be seen as an LGBT ally

The Prime Minister also promised to make gay conversion therapy illegal in the UK


Prime Minister Theresa May wants to be seen as an LGBT ally.

The Prime Minister has had a history of voting in favour of anti-LGBT laws – including voting against the repeal of the controversial Section 28 law back in 2002 – but yesterday (July 3) the Government published an LGBT survey and the results shocked her.

With more than 100,000 people taking part in the survey – making it the biggest LGBT survey in the world to date – May admitted there are things that she shouldn’t have voted for in the past and hopes the country has seen her change.

Speaking to ITV at the Downing Street LGBT reception, May said: “There’s some things I’ve voted for in the past that I shouldn’t have done and I’ve said sorry.

“Section 28 obviously would have been one of those things.

“I hope people can see that the UK has actually changed and the Government should be proud of the actions it’s taken. There’s more to do.

“I hope people will see the fact I recognise that I shouldn’t have taken that view of Section 28. I have developed my views.

“I want to be seen as an ally of the LGBT community here in the UK.”

She also went on to discuss gay ‘conversion therapy’ and said the Government will be “consulting on the best approach” to remove the so-called treatment from the UK.

She continued: “We are determined as a Government to end it. We are going to consult on the best way of doing that and we’re very clear that this is something that does not have a place in our society.

“We will be consulting on the best approach we should be taking.”