These gift boxes for gay guys are the perfect present-buying solution

In partnership with BoxoLoco.


BoxoLoco was founded in 2019 by Kim and Adi, a proud gay couple.

The brand offers stylishly curated gay gift boxes and is one of the first companies to represent the gay community in the gift box market.

BoxoLoco focuses on bringing the desires and needs of gay men to life through top-tier items from fellow LGBTQIA+ brands.

These items include beachwear, underwear, grooming, and sensual products from PUMP!, Addicted, Andrew Christian, Dermaologica, and more.

Why a gay online store?

Since buying gifts is generally a challenge, finding a platform that accurately represents your loved one’s interests and tastes can be a huge relief.

BoxoLoco is a brand by gays and for gays, so you can be sure they know what they’re doing when it comes to gifts.

Even the hardest-to-buy-for gay guy will definitely LOVE the gift box you’ll choose.

All of the above, combined with international shipping, makes BoxoLoco the perfect solution to buying holiday gifts for your gay bestie, brother, son, or partner during a pandemic.

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