This Google Chrome extension turns anti-LGBT hate into something positive

A new extension for Google Chrome turns anti-LGBT+ hate speech into positive messages for Pride Month. The #LoveWins extension filters through homophobic and transphobic terms and removed the hate, replacing them with rainbow-coloured alternatives. For example, if you Google the gay slur 'faggot', the filter changes the term to 'amazing human' wherever it appears on the page. Elsewhere, 'poof' is changed to 'great pal', while 'tranny' becomes 'marvel'. The studio responsible for the filter, Connector, released it to celebrate Pride Month in June. “The tool is designed to search webpages for LGBT+ slurs, and, when found, make them disappear by replacing them with positive adjectives celebrating what people in the community are: proud, courageous, fearless, friendly,” said Ivan Adriel, head of digital at Connector. “The tool also decorates the replacement words with the Pride colours.” A 2016 report by LGBT Ireland found that one in five LGB people had been targeted online because of their sexual orientation. Transgender or intersex people were more likely to be harrassed, with one in three reporting that they were targeted online because of their identity. A report by Galop , a LGBT+ anti-violence charity, revealed that 1 in 3 members of the LGBT+ community (31%) have experienced online abuse targeting their sexual orientation or gender identity. In the last year, Galop has seen the level of online abuse being posted on social media increase. The Chrome extension is similar to the work of a group of artists who are turning hateful, anti-LGBT+ comments into art as part of Smirnoff's #chooselove Pride campaign.   During this historic summer, Smirnoff is raising awareness of the need to stand up to online prejudice with the launch of its thought provoking #chooselove campaign, which will run during Pride season in the UK. Throughout 2017 Pride, Smirnoff will monitor online social media to identify members of the LGBT+ community that have received abuse based upon their sexual orientation or gender identity. A taskforce of dynamic and socially engaged illustrators will then respond to these messages of hate with artwork of love. More stories: See inside the Chechen prison where gay men were allegedly detained and tortured – WATCH Steve Grand strips completely naked to raise cash for Broadway Bares